Organic Search

Organic Search

Organic Search,  Most Practices are improving or declining there website placement on the organic search.  

Website search engine optimization requires a huge amount of work to find placement at the number one spot in the Organic Search.

Everything on your site must be worked on, adjusted, and tweaked.  This includes pictures, wording arrangement, phraseology , and subject matter.  It is critical to your website and it’s optimization.  Organic by definition means growing.  If Websites Optimization its not growing then its dying.   I work in the aggressive and competitive hearing aid industry.   These billion dollar companies will fight and use all sorts of links and back links.  They will even use some black hat processes, along with the latest technology and programs to gain higher ranking for the number one placement organic searches.   If we look we will see Fights among giant foreign companies,  marketing campaigns making allegations of superior technology and the greatest products. All are backed with some clinical tests and detailed studies, etc etc, etc.

We know that Search engines algorithm have become smarter at sorting out these unscrupulous activities . They are growing in there ability to differentiate between the different  at the information presented and determine which companies are pertinent and those that are not.  Video is playing a more important part in the presentations as well as blogs and postings.  Patients comments are taken into consideration as well.

Strategic planning and a well rounded marketing plan if followed will yield the best results.

That’s what we do and we can do it for you!

Larry Bailey

Practice Appeal


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