Website design, search engine optimization and Front Desk Person

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Front Desk!

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Front Desk!

While recently helping a friend with her business, we had a conversation about the front desk person. I listened sadly as my friend told me all of the problems that stemmed from having the wrong person at the front desk.

The front desk person may not be the most well paid person in your office, but they’re one of the most important. Nearly every aspect of your medical practice flows directly through whoever is managing your desk. Optimizing the workflow given to the front desk staff will guarantee higher quality work.

Even though they don’t wear scrubs or conduct hearing or vision tests, your front desk operator is the face of your business and shouldn’t be neglected.

I’ve personally seen how the website design, search engine optimization and front desk can affect your bottom line. If the first person your patients interact with leaves them with a sour taste in their mouths, you’ve got a major hurdle to overcome to get them to come back. When you’re paying dearly for advertising to increase traffic flow (in the case of some audiology practices, up to $300 per new patient) you can’t afford to lose one due to bad customer service.

How should you train your front desk staff?

The front desk person at your medical practice is the primary triage person for the doctor, and there’s certain traits and skills that come with that position.

The Ideal Medical Front Desk Person

  1. Must be extremely pleasant to talk to!

  2. Must have a clear voice.

  3. Must have excellent phone skills.

  4. Must be polite but able to get things done.

  5. Must understand what’s going on in the clinic completely.

  6. Must understand clinic goals like scheduling; evaluations, procedures, repairs, purchases, etc.

  7. They most know costs associated with services but know what and when to price and what and when not to price.

  8. Must understand insurance, co-pays, deductibles, policy limits, scheduling protocols etc.

Many times the front desk person has other hats to wear. They may have to dabble in verification of insurance, billing, invoicing, statements and collections. Ideally, your front desk person should have a keen business mind, great people skills and a talent for getting things done. People like that are rare, and it’s worth compensating them accordingly. In the long run, you’d rather pay more for a front desk person who generates positive word-of-mouth for your practice and keeps patients happy, than try to save on a surly employee who keeps new patients from ever coming back.

Scheduling and the patient journey is one of the most important processes in a clinic today. Practice Appeal’s small medical practice consulting team can help you get great website design, search engine optimization and Front desk person for your practice. Call or email to schedule a consultation.

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