Margaret Hutchison, PHD

Margaret Hutchison, PHD


Margaret Hutchison PhD, Owner of Austin Hearing Services,  says,                                          



“The most important factor when buying hearing aids is receiving a correctly fit set of hearing aids, ones that fit your lifestyle, and which are sold at a fair price. The lowest-cost hearing aids are not necessarily the best purchase for a person.  I, for one, am a big fan of getting the best deal/price on any purchase—it’s almost a quest for me, but with that said, I have found that many products are better-built than cheaper-priced ones, and have a longer operational life with fewer required maintenance or repairs.   Buying these products just makes sense.”


Dr. Hutchison added,

“I have purchased something, thinking it was a great value for the money, only to find out that it was poorly made and couldn’t be used as I expected, resulting in a waste of good money. As a result, I now check on-line reviews, which I somewhat trust, or specific review sites, such as Angie’s List, which I trusts a little more.  Even then, sometimes I still cross my fingers!”


“Audiologists everywhere have encountered people who report, or know someone who has said they, ‘spent good money on hearing aids that simply don’t work for them’—the typical “hearing aids in the drawer”. This is a case of the hearing aids not being worth whatever the actual price was. The patient gets very little perceived value from the new devices. We at Austin           Hearing Services work very hard to see that this is never the case with anyone of our patients!”

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