Kill Mr. Price !

In the modern day version of David and Goliath,

the slingshot is replaced by a message, which is sent with enough force to compete with the giant, big box stores. There have been blogs and articles, ad nauseam, about big box stores. Most arrive at the same conclusion, to compete against price, you need to stress service. In the real world, price trumps service, like rock beats scissors. There are some basic business factors, where the big box stores cannot compete with you. 

Value added services and Pricing

Price needs to vie against Value.

Whether bundled or unbundled, customers need to feel that you provide value. It is the concept that the value you provide in the cost of the product includes your special services; expertise of your professional training; counseling to your customers that provides them with the product they really need and knowledge of how to use it; and, the services after the sale that creates an ongoing relationship as a partner in their healthcare. Value is something that sets you apart and defines the true substance of price.

Front Desk Medical

To send that message,

it is important to brand yourself or practice as the professional that specializes in your one area of expertise, and not the Mega-departments of 50 pound bags of flour; clothing for the entire family; office supplies for the Fortune 500; and, on and on. The most effective transport for that branding, is the internet. A well-designed, professional website reflects on the quality of your message in the minds of those that find you as they browse. To be found, it is imperative that your website be professionally optimized in order to be noticed and ranked by web crawlers like Google. If you are not on the first page search, chances are that your website will not drive business to your practice.

There are generally only a few big box stores in any one city that can actually support them, and they are not always that convenient.

They are generally located in high traffic areas, with the challenge of parking, the stress of navigating the masses of humanity, and the unnerving sight of oversized and overstuffed shopping baskets stacked behind checkout counters. Just the lack of a frenzied experience alone sets you light years ahead.

Get the message out.

As a small, private practitioner, you possess the power to compete, even if the playing field seems to be uneven.


Ron Herzfeld

Chief Operations Officer

Design and Management Team
Ron Herzfeld, Design and Management Team
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