Practice Appeal…………

Practice Appeal …………

Practice Appeal Asks “How does your Practice look? ”

 Given all the changes that practices are facing for the future, I stop to think about  the process and what will be involved.    Looking at my daughters today, they inspired me to ask that simple question.

How do we keep our Practices beautiful to the general public?

I remember the pains of growing up and all the things that my daughters  went through.  I remember that one of the more important keys to  remaining Beautiful was that we get out of the process based on what you put into it.

 I have seen good days and bad

I have seen good days and bad,.. make-up and no make-up, …..and great clothing from ball gowns to jeans.  One constant still remains.  Both daughters are a reflection of their proactive care for every detail of themselves.

What I mean is they spent many hours taking care of their skin, hair, teeth, figures, clothing, personal integrity,  etc.   This is what brings the results they desired.

Practice’s in similar ways require a huge amount of care, protection, for reputations, social media posts, Facebook entries,  Blog articles, comments, and dialog.   They post all kinds of information about the business, staff, sales and promotions, all to offer the best pricing and product offerings to help their patients navigate through hearing loss and overwhelming costs.

Many Practices do not know how their past customers effect their sales  through comments and posts on social media.  Approval ratings will impact and guide your next customers into or out of your sales.

Our responsibility as business owners is to seek excellence from every single thing that we do.  What I mean is that we must research all content, map out our designs and craft every word that we publish. 

This  is the way to insure the promise of a bright future. Beautiful inside and outside when people view us !

That’s  what makes a beautiful Clinic !

Larry Bailey



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