Frustrated, Ready to Blow a Gasket

Frustrated, Ready to Blow a Gasket

Are you just plain fed up with your website and online marketing?

Does your website show up on page 2….3…4…. It so, then you may as well take it down!

Are you too busy to deal with the website, social media or blogging along with all the detail of your practice?

A good website should bring patients in your door!      Is yours?

If so, you’re not alone.

With little or no money down, We have the most inexpensive solution when buying a new website or rebuilding !

Many websites are built with the best intentions, by some friend… member…….

When it comes to getting your phone to ring with patients ready to buy, they don’t deliver.

Maybe it’s a problem with SEO, maybe it’s a lack of “call to actions” whatever the problem you don’t have time for it!

Most web design companies DON’T know how to SEO a website and don’t have actual audiology experience!   WE DO!

What’s the difference between a website that works to grow your practice and one that doesn’t?  It’s a great question that I hear it all the time.

So,  I decided to map out our best practices below so you can understand what goes into building an effective website, one that works for your practice.

We have a definite model for success that’s based on past successes in Austin Hearing Services. 

What does it take to have a website that converts patients?

Building a Website

Building a website that gets people to contact your practice is not easy. Practice Appeal uses proven methods to get the phone ringing so the practices we work with, schedule more appointments and are more successful with the process of sales and closing sales.

Knowledge Base: 

Our high-performing websites are based on experience in direct response marketing and WordPress® website design.  We have extrapolated data from hundreds of sites. Too many web designers lack an understanding of direct response marketing or access to long-term performance data based on experience. We have history of success!

Design Elements: 

Practice Appeal uses an action sequence that prompts patients to contact your practice.  An attractive and engaging site is where the artistry comes in. Website design is a structured process. We creatively combine content, design, plug-ins and usability factors, applying our experience and knowledge of business to buildWordPress® Websites that hit the mark.

 Our standards:

Our standards for websites and your patients’ expectations of their online experience are continually in a process of evolution. What worked three years ago most likely won’t work well today.

At Practice Appeal, we’re experts at getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and become a new patient.

Here’s a summary of the best practices we follow to build an effective Website:

Stay focused on prospective patient’s interests, needs and concerns

Engage prospective patients with attractive design and knowledge filled copy

Make the site easy and straight forward to search and browse

Create a perception of need for prospects to take action to contact the practice

Quick page loads, etc.

Stand out-Get Patient’s Attention

Have clear headlines Ask question and be engaging

Excellent graphics or videos

Be the Value Leader in your area

Use emotional connections or hooks

Create an Action Sequence to lead customers to the sale

Create a sense of urgency

Design Effective Call-to-Actions and Position Call-to-Actions Strategically

Place Key Elements above the Fold

Phone number address and “call now” button front page placement for scaling down for the cell phone users

Testimonials play a key role in critical role in building trust

Awards & security seals should be featured:

Make your Forms Quick and Easy to download

A privacy message (or link to client’s privacy policy) tells patients that their email will not be shared or sold

Help practices convert calls and contacts to appointments via phone appointment-setting systems and recommended automated email responses

Keep the voice (first or second person) consistent throughout the site

The tone should be professional but friendly, accessible

Articulate benefits and support them with simple proof points

Use Video of the Practice Owners Whenever Possible

People enjoy watching videos more than reading text

The quality of the video should reflect the practice

Cross connect all social media


Call us we can give your practice what it needs

Larry Bailey 12/13/2015 

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