Dental Website Design Management – 6 Steps That Will Help You Survive!

What are your Business Goals?

Website Design Management?

What are your Personal Goals?

What are you doing now for your future!

Recently, I asked a number of Audiologist “What are your goals for this year?”

They responded with a few simple goals.

  • attract more patients,
  • get booked solid
  • make a comfortable living
  • helping patients hear better
  • Enjoy more time off for their personal life enjoyment!

If you’re like most practice owners, you’re smart, hard working and well trained – in audiology and hearing aid technology. Web design and management are foreign.

But no one ever revealed to you the science of marketing, sales, internet, social media or managing your practice, much less the proven systems that make it easy. Which is why I put together the following 6 audiology practice development steps, to get you started, to help you grow and help you reach your goals.

Ready to see a proven system to grow your practice? Use these 6 steps and you will see answers to all the goals you have.


Start by removing yourself mentally from your business.  Start assessing your audiology practice to determine short-term problems and changes necessary to make to instantly boost sales and profits. Then look at long term changes needed to succeed in the same way.  It surprising how many people cannot remove themselves from their business to access the business accurately.

Hint: This should include simple changes to the way you make your final recommendation of hearing aids, cost compilations, brands used, etc. and the use of website design and social media optimization, etc.

Write a Plan

Without a plan you accomplish nothing.  Assume that writing a plan and adjusting it on a regular basis, will bring many more track-able results.   I recommend that  Working smarter not longer is the solution.  Working Smarter involves thinking through processes and methods to increase productivity and profits.  This is what I do best.  Some processes actually lose money where others actually are the money makers.  Yes, Work smarter if you need help doing some of the more daunting tasks then get help.

Hint: We know what it takes to write a plan and can help you with this assessment!

Make a budget

Plan your work and work your plan.  You won’t be sorry!  With your plan in hand, you can get down to specifics. purchasing is becoming critical to practices around the country.  Selecting the right combinations should work on paper and in action.  We can help a practice by showing solutions.  More often than not, problem are relatively easy to fix.  They may  includes replacing an outdated website with a direct response website and engaging social media with calls to actions that gets the phone ringing.  Whatever the needs if decisions are good for the goals then they will lead you in the right direction.

Hint: Most practices don’t have a written marketing plan, or a business plan. Many don’t even have a written budget


Implementation makes the difference. Implementation is putting something into action.  We know that most practice owners want to focus on their patients,  not on becoming marketing experts.  Knowing that offer our own expert online and offline marketing team to build your direct response site, manage your online marketing.

Hint:  Our professionals can help accomplish the tasks that you face.


The biggest challenge for any audiology or hearing aid practice owner is knowing where to focus their time and resources to grow their practice. Often it’s not on marketing but on dealing with counseling systems and managing cash flow.

Hint: We offer suggestions from top audiology practice building staff  to keep you focused on implementing your plan and  systems needed to prosper.


Another key to making any practice profitable is to have top notch staff.  We can help train your front desk staff and your providers to increase appointments, profits, and sales.
I sincerely hope that these tips will help many practices re-access their business and focus on how to increase their revenue, profits, and lower their wasted time.

Remember,  If your business needs some Practice Appeal give us a Call…………….

Larry Bailey


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Dental website design management
dental website design management
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