Audiology Marketing 101

” Audiology Marketing is Not for the faint at Heart or Lazy!”

Marketing is about TIME for any hearing aid based business is not for the faint at heart or a lazy person!  We need to be marketing to dozens of arenas on a daily basis. This can be a daunting task that takes many hours, expertise, and an excellent plan. Each arena has their unique process and method for getting “the Word” out. Some are difficult to understand and others are very simple. To navigate through the maze one must follow certain patterns to be successful through their unique marketing platforms. I ‘ve found that it helps me to keep extended lists, detailing the process as well as a calendar to keep it focused by target dates and events.

“Your definitions will guide you!”

How do you define things in your business? It will give you direction but ultimately you will need to answer these question to be effective.

·        Who –   Who will be your targets. Lists, geography, demographics, thoughts detailing patterns and processes, etc.

·        What –  Specifically what are you marketing to who.

·        When –  Exactly when to market, events, holidays, etc

·        Where –  Where to market to get their attention, which venues, locations,  social medias, etc

·        Purpose – The purpose for your representation? Points of Motivation, Causes,

·        Calls To ActionWhat do you want them to do? Where do you want to send them?  What do you expect?

·        Commitment pathWhere are you leading them.(step by step)

·        GoalsWhat is the Goal of your engagement.  Closing a sale, scheduling an appointment, getting a phone call?

I think that this needs to be written down in a flow chart type document to be worked and reworked regularly. It will be an evolving document filled with reminders and best practices, errors to avoid, etc.  This one document potentially will save huge amounts of time and money if you use this tool for marketing engagement.

“Website,  Search Engine Optimization is very difficult and time consuming”

Website,  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very difficult and time consuming.  SEO helps in organic searches place your business (Rank) at the top of the list of providers of a subject, product or service. The first page is where a business needs to be to say that they have successful SEO.   Pertinence is the word we all need to understand!   A business should find as much information as possible to place on their website to make that website more pertinent to their unique area.  Google is the guardians of who is the top of the list and who is lost in the latter pages. Google is constantly changing the game when it comes to SEO. It you handle this task for your business then you need to keep up with what is going on in regards to the newest changes.  Finding the Ad Words, phrases, graphics, content, formatting, terms and methods for branding your business is worth the time and trouble involved with SEO.

I will be writing an article soon on just SEO!

“Customer Traffic Flow is King”

Customer traffic flow is king when it comes to a sales based business models. Goals must clearly be defined and the patient journey must be mapped out very clearly for all staff involvement. Our sales goals must include every possible area that can generate revenue. Our sales journey must be well defined and watertight in its presentation.

Product lines in hearing business is limited to Hearing testing, hearing aids and related services, balance testing and services, impressions and hearing protection and in some cases tinnitus evaluations, treatments and products. With a limited group of products we need to be targeted in our sales of each service and the process to how we price each item, how we treat each customer, what products and additional services or products offerings we can suggest.

We all understand that people coming in the door is the ultimate goal. To help a practice fill the gaps in the schedule when you don’t have Hearing test and Hearing aid evaluations scheduled, fill the schedule with Specialty customers.

I believe in “Specialty marketing” to:

  • ·        Physicians offices
  • ·        Dentist offices
  • ·        Occupational hearing conservation programs within large employers
  • ·        Health fairs  
  • ·        Churches for the musicians custom earpieces
  • ·        Hunting clubs for Defend ears
  • ·        Motorcycle groups for hearing protection
  • ·        Local bands and drinking establishments for hearing protection  
  • ·        Meetups, network marketing groups, social events,

I additionally know of 40+ sign-ups for online companies that will refer people to your offices.

“Do you need help with cash flow. ”

All the above specialties will help with improved traffic thus helping with cash flow.  “Roller-coaster Cash Flow” is another concern that many businesses have.  I tend to think out of the box and have found success implementing marketing events to bolster sales number during normally slow times. Finding profitable sales in the lower priced retail arenas can also be difficult for some practices but my solution is sell service, added values, personalities, and professionalism.  I have a “1,2,3, sales model”.

1, 2, 3, Sales Model

1. Highest top of the line hearing aids, set up to demo will almost always end in a sale. But if it creates value problems we drop level of tech and complete the sale.

2. If the customer has challenged financial situations we can offer our $3000.00 aids where we sell lower but actually make good profits still selling the same added service, value, and personalities.

3. On occasion we have a Medicare patient with fixed income that may break the amount due on the least costly aids into payments with a down payment large enough to cover cost of good sold.

Simple process with amazing results!

Larry Bailey

Practice Appeal

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